David Clisby + Associates ‘Learning By Performing’

Our classes and workshops  evolved initially from the training regimes and methods of Triad Stage Alliance, a theatre company which held workshops wherever we performed our shows. Triad began in outback and regional Australia and then moved to Europe in 1978.

Although dozens of people in one way or another contributed to the evolution of the workshops, I would like to acknowledge particularly director John Strehlow of Triad Stage Alliance with whom I spent the first 10 years of this journey, Madame Zora Semborova (formerly Professor of Dance at the Prague Conservatoire and Prokofiev’s first Juliet) for introducing me to the principles of movement and acting, and Michael McCallion (formerly a voice teacher at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London), for passing on his knowledge of the voice and his expertise in the language of Shakespeare.

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