The ‘Team Performance’ workshop is a fun, creative, effective team builder.
In a light hearted and supportive atmosphere participants become actors and collaborate creatively to put on a show. As well as everyone having a good laugh our program demonstrates the value of taking a group outside usual paradigms.



  • A sense of team achievement
  • Improved creative thinking
  • Greater mutual respect and tolerance
  • Improved communication within the group
  • Better understanding of group dynamics and leadership
  • Discovering new talents among the team.
  • Developing emotional maturity
  • Participants feel confident and good about themselves
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Understanding the requirements for ongoing presentation skill development


We use a suitable open space, with a few chairs as the auditorium to create a simple theatre.
Through theatre games and fun improvisations we learn stagecraft and presentation skills.
We then collaborate creatively to devise and put on a show. It is the theatrical experience in a nutshell complete with creative problem solving, taking direction, ‘show time’ deadlines, performing with fellow actors and taking a bow to enthusiastic audiences clapping wildly. It is challenging without being intimidating and always hilarious

Presentation is an important part of our lives whether we are pitching prospective clients, reporting to management, addressing a meeting, or being interviewed, we are performing for an audience. Actors are specialists in this field so we can learn a lot from how they go about their business.
In ‘Team Performance’ we learn how actors develop their presentation, what they do to look good and sound confident, how they focus, and how they overcome anxiety.

Performing in front of others outside the restraints of the workplace can be a great opportunity for self discovery. Participants relish the freedom to become on stage the person they have always wanted to be or to behave in ways they have only dreamed of behaving. Unleashing the imagination is a powerful tool.
The ‘Team Performance’ experience is an excellent starting point for fragile or bruised teams, which need basic bonding, confidence and help to strengthen their sense of responsibility and purpose.

Effective team building can sometimes be better achieved by arranging activities like this which appear to be unconnected to work. If we focus too much on ‘the problem’ it can be exacerbated, people become defensive, go into their shells and become sensitive to criticism.

Although ‘Team Performance’ is a great forum for outgoing, competitive personalities, as team building activities often are, it will also include less competitive, thoughtful, creative personality types. In fact due to the cooperative, nature of the experience, new and often unexpected talents emerge. The activity is definitely more female friendly than more traditional forms of team bonding (like physical activities followed by a ‘session at the pub’). These have their place but potentially valuable staff can be excluded.

The benefits of doing theatre workshops for the workplace is not just in developing individual presentation skills or personal development, but in the development of interpersonal skills and creative teamwork. It is also a chance to see colleagues in a different light.

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